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IAAPS and EASA, new member and EATS 2014

NPA 2014 29a&b as result of the working group FCL002 is on the EASA site for comments. IAAPS attended many meetings to come to this result. It contains a lot of improvements of Part FCL.


IAAPS has been asked by EASA rulemaking to take the lead in RMT .0595 for a thorough revision of the Learning Objectives for the theoretical instruction. Other stakeholders from the flying companies and National Authorities will also be invited to join in this Rulemaking Task. The first meeting will take place on January 12th 2015.

Barcelona flightschool.
An application has been received from the Barcelona flight school for membership of IAAPS.

EATS 2014
On behalf of IAAPS Thomas Leoff has spoken on the EATS 2014 in Berlin. The presentations can be viewed in the members area of this site.

IAAPS is associated member of IPTC

On invitation of IPTC the Executive Committee of IAAPS decided to cooperate as an associate member. We are happy to represent the training industry in this consortium.

The International Pilot Training Copnsortium (IPTC) is a initiative of IATAICAOIFALPA and RAeS with associated members the CAA of SingaporeCASAEASAELFAAFlight Safety FoundationGCAA of the UAE (Honourable Company of Air Pilots (formerly GAPAN) IAOPAUK CAAUSA FAA).

Report on fuel shortage after deviation to alternate July 15th 2013
July 15, 2013, 1:20 PM

Spanish accident investigation agency CIAIAC has released its investigative report on, and a number of safety recommendations in response to, the May 10, 2010 Ryanair Boeing 737 incident. The CIAIAC sought to determine if Ryanair was flying into Spain with less than the recommended amount of reserve fuel.

EASA decisions update

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The page Agency Decisions has been updated, one or more items have been published:

ED Decision 2013/010/F of 17/05/2013 on the general terms and conditions for the reimbursement of travel and subsistence expenses to outside persons.


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