International Association of Aviation Personnel Schools

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IAAPS representations in...

RMT.0581 and RMT.0582 – Loss of Control Prevention and Recovery Training
Sauli Kuortti represents IAAPS in this rulemaking group. 

EASA FCL 002 partnership group
In this working group is Thomas Leoff the IAAPS member, it reviews EU-FCL in order to detect deficiencies in regulations.

EASA  Safety Standards Consultative Committee (SSCC)
Topics of the meetings: All safety related subjects in Maintenance, Certification, Education in Aviation. This committee meets 2 times per year.

SSCC subgroups.
IAAPS has representatives in two subgroups:
Thomas Leoff is a member of  Flight standards
Sauli Kuortti is a member of the ATM/ANS subgroup.

EASA Advisory Board (EAB)
The chairman of IAAPS is one of the vice presidents of the EAB and he is expected to join the Management Board meetings of EASA. The EAB meets four times per year.

At the head office of ICAO in Montreal IAAPS is represented by Frank Hofmann, who is also representative for IOPA. He keeps IAAPS informed about (new) developments e.g. Next GEneration Aviation Professionals (NGAP), Air Navigation Commission (ANC) and Safety Management Panel (SMP).

EASA MPL Advisory Board (MPL-AB)
In these meetings representatives of Natiomal Authorities and ATO's with MPL inform each other about there experiences and proposals for the regulators are prepared. Gallus Bammert is a member of this group.